Monday, July 23, 2012


I have just signed up at Soundcloud folks!

I have recorded several pieces of femdom musings, thoughts & erotica and now they can all be found in one place. Soundcloud. Im still learning the ins and outs, but I am quite liking it & will be discovering many new artists, music & im sure cool peeps. Join me x

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Had a fun day out revisting beautiful Coogee Beach. I cant remember the last time I had been there so its definitaly been ages. But you know when you revisit a place and a certain landmark or structure reminds you again? Well it was seeing the tidal pool & Giles Baths again that reminded me how unique Coogee is.

When I decided to walk up to the northern point, I was indeed reminded how long. A memorial had been erected for the 'Coogee Dolphins' victims of the Bali Bombing that occured in October 2002, that was strikingly beautiful & sad at the same time and they had remamed the area "Dolphins Point". I also came across the famous site of the 'Virgin Mary' apparition that first appeared in 2003. The site has been adorned in rosary beads, various other religious paraphernalia, newspaper clippings & images. Freaky!

Most splendid afternoon had with ice cream in hand strolling & enjoying the breathtaking view. A return visit in the warmer months is definitely on the cards.

After visiting Coogee, I took a leisurely drive to La Perouse site of the landing of the French Fleet. Below is a slideshow of Coogee & La Perouse pictures.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Retro Pink Girl Pictures, Images and Photos

reawaken the longing inside
for your desire in its rawness
knows no bounds
affection & intimacy
allow no barriers
erstwhile ghosts languish
unencumbering intrepid souls
look inside
embrace your inner child

Friday, July 13, 2012

Flight of the Conchords

LOL! what a foray of exuberance! The wait was finally over, Flight of the Conchords Bret McKenzie & Jemaine Clement had arrived down under for the first time since the Melbourne International Comedy Festival performing to sell-out venues nationally.

Sydney Opera House was a sell-out in mins which was disappointing but no surprize, so I looked further north to Newcastle. There was no way I was going to miss it so it had to be intrastate, interstate or nothing! 2nd row from the front centre, the tickets were fabulous as I discovered! There was no chance I would have secured tickets like that in Sydney.. NO CHANCE.. so I was smug!

Arj Barker as support, kicked off the evening after a hillarious rather gawky intro by Jemaine and he had us in fits of laughter, with his laser eye surgery & toliet flushing & Breaking Bad parody gags. You just knew and could feel the excitement building in anticipation for the FotC boys.

SETLIST Newcastle

When the lights dimmed & Arj left the stage, the roar of the crowd was almost deafening. Suddenly, the stage came alive in multicoloured flashing lights, and the boys appeared donning speaker boxes on their heads, dressed in puffy shiny silver suits & launched into "Too Many Dicks On The Dancefloor". "Robots" followed, approprately, along with the seguing transition into playful jesting about their life on the road and the amusing moments they encountered. Bret recalling the complimentary muffins given at the hotel and panties being thrown onstage describing in particular boxers as he went on, whilst Jemaine replied "yeah they were the only kind he was wearing". lol!

We were also treated to a new FotC tune, Fuck On The Ceiling, which hopefully means the boys are back in the recording studio churning out a new album perhaps?

The boys loved poking fun at us Aussies and did a great Oz accent, and jibes about Newcastle and what would be a suitable slang name for the area. Bret came up with a long drawn out Nnnnn, which ended up being the Newcastle reference and Hunter St as the happening place lol!

Thru numerous costume changes [they apparently had all the gear on underneath one on top of the other!], more chaffing [they were late for a show coz they were stuck in a elevator], introducing a touring instrumentalist, Nigel, occasional re-appearance from Arj & memorable songs, Flight of the Conchords were magnificent. An extended Business Time was the highlight for me, and had us in fits of laughter as Jemaine & Bret changed the lyrics to reflect Newcastle, namely Hunter Street lol!

During a brief pause, Jemaine asked if anyone had any requests. One that repeatedly got yelled out was Shes So Hot [boom] & Told You I Was Freaky, and after chosing a audience member, the boys went with CelloTape and confirmed that mutual love = Love Tape lol

For the purpose of a review, I was using my phone as a notepad to list the key moments and setlist, and I was quite unaware that the phone, left idle in notes [it was resting between my bag and body], was giving off a redlight that must of been bouncing off Bret & Jemaine. Bret looking in my direction saying, "if your going to film us, could you please turn off the red light" followed by Jemaine saying, "turn off the redlight..feels like the terminators watching me" I wasnt even filming at that point! But it was great getting busted by Jemaine.

Evidently "Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros" and "Albi the Racist Dragon" missing from Sydney Opera House setlist, were included in Newcastle. The setlist it seemed, was due to change at every performance.

"Demon Woman" had the boys in rock god mode, cheekily flipping the bird to the crowd, dressed in spandex, with Bret in a flowing cape that stood out as if he was flying & Jemaine in a scarf that looked as if it was blowing a gale. This followed with the boys returning for a 3 track encore with a raunchy 'come down off the stage' audience participation & struting their sexy stuff. Loved it! It was here I managed to capture all of the Jemaine closeups.

FotC aside, I spent Tuesday staying overnight in boutique style accomodation above a busy pub in Broadmeadow and did a bit of sight seeing around Newcastle. I wanted to photograph the Sygna wreck at Stockton but was told there is no car access, which was a bummer, nevertheless, I did get to see Newcastles other lovely beaches and sights.

Such an enjoyable evening, just wish the boys dont leave it too long in returning here again.

Below is a slideshow & video playlist of the evening.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Capturing Heart

Heart Pictures, Images and Photos

Uncertainty, unruly, absolute
ascending to the peak of euphoric fervency
to the ebbs of delirious madness
mind a heaped mess
capturing heart & charm
desire longing to inflame
a somewhat sacrifice
dark, poignant & complex

Miz Helena