Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Future Islands @ OAF

Future Islands were truly electrifying!!!! The wait was over. One of my most fave bands of late I was hoping would tour, were embarking on a short Aussie stopover and there was no way I would miss it. Future Islands is one of those bands that remain with you after you discover just how appealing their music really is. Their unique sound and vocal style had won me over and here they were now LIVE!!!

This 3 piece synth band from Baltimore consisting of keyboardist Gerrit Welmers, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, William Cashing and the amazing vocalist Samuel Herring had the crowd carrying out their most rowdiest raucous behaviour. They sang a fabulous mix of songs with a couple of untitled freshies added to the set.


*if you fall
*give us the wind
*inch of dust
*before the bridge
*untitled [we're still writing it]
*cotton town
*close to none
*walkin through that door
*long flight
*tin man
*untitled [but you can dance to it]
*vireo's eye
*so far away
*little dreamer

Samuels raunchy vocals were passionate, intense amd so emotional, you could almost feel the potency virtually pour out of him. He didnt disappoint. Little Dreamer brought so much emotion to the fore. They're definitely in a class of their own and a band I would definitely see again.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes

Well Friday rolled around and so did the excitement of Friday night footy. My beloved doggies were playing Manly in the first of the NRL finals & I win another double pass thanks to my good friends the OAF to see the sassy ensemble that is Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes! It was going to be a great evening!

Initially thinking I'll give it a miss to stay at home and watch it, those plans quickly changed when I watched a video of theirs at You Tube. These chicks were hot and happening! How could I miss an opportunity to see em live for the first time and also get to celebrate the doggies win?

The place ended up packed out!

Looking around, seems everyone but me had heard of them. Where have I been? lol still, I did like discovery. They topped off a great evening so to speak. The Dr Feelgoods went down well too.

Watch out for these sassy chicks.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


bedazzling captivating charm
the pulsating rush of yearning
the restless ache of him
fleeting precious moments
feed the longing for liberty
beyond oppressive restraints
quietly languid
yet laying a permanent claim
to a blunt persuasive
sentiment of adoration
though scattered in pieces
her longing grew
suffering the attractive absence of heart
arms outstretched,
holding nothing
a victim of her own optimism
and knew in the silence that followed
the very essence of intrigue is perplexity

Listen in to the audio version of Yearning here

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Her Delicious Intimidating Revenge

The trip was long, the thoughts of the past few months still preoccupying Her mind, running hot, burning almost as She entered the taxi. She loaded Her bag and finally settled down and began the long journey to his door. This was to be a surprize visit, one he wasn’t aware of or for that matter wouldnt have anticipated in his wildest dreams. There was much between them unresolved. Flames still flickering beneath the surface and even tho they hadn’t spoken for quite some time, there was always something there that kept reminding Her.

The taxi driver was a polite handsome man in his prime and was attempting to make small talk which didn’t interest Her. There was a scene replying in Her head that needed Her attention and distractions like these were not welcomed. “I’ve had quite a long arduous trip” She said.. “And im looking forward to rest & sleep. I assume I can count on you to get us there safely and in one piece? Yes?” he peered at Her in the rear view mirror. A raven haired beauty with a mouth. Somehow something was telling him She wasn’t on her way to rest. Her beautiful finely sculptured face spoke volumes and seemed to be far away. He nodded quickly and took that as a direct request to shut the hell up. Which he did promptly.

She sank back into the seat. A long sigh escaping her lips, closing Her eyes and letting Her mind drift. Everything She needed was neatly packed away and just to make sure She began a mental note if there was anything else She missed. Then his smiling face appeared. The same smiling face She saw on his face the last She saw of him, seering into Her. She quickly brushed it away. She wasn’t here for any loving reunion or convincing. As drastic as it sounded, Her mission was to remind him of a few things She thought he needed to be reminded of then get the hell out of there fast.

Nothing was amiss. She prided herself on Her meticulous and calculated planning of this day, months ago. No one in their right mind got off treating Her like a discardable pawn, one to be strung along till something more convenient came along and being the last to find out. NO ONE. Finally all the pieces clicked together. Did he not have the slightest idea who he was playing with? This was a fiery hot-blooded woman who had the most heart-felt sincerest devotion even tho 1000’s of miles came between them. Who loved him in a strange obsessive way, utterly, complete, mind-blowing in every sense and in a way no one ever made her feel for a long time. He slowly became part of Her. Her thoughts and desires were for him alone, and oh how it ached.

Snapping to attention She straightened up and checked Her reflection. She had to appear normal. Nothing must give away Her inner turmoil. She pulled out her vanity purse and began to freshen up, dusting Her flushed cheeks and reapplying Her red gloss. Then checked again and secretly smirked to Herself. He doesn’t have the faintest idea does he?..a remark She constantly reminded herself of that fed the scene in Her mind. This day was to become Her moment to relish in and it was drawing close.

Oh but wait.. She did need something..

Motioning to the taxi driver, She requested he stop at the nearest shop before the destination to purchase Her ‘ticket’ Her ‘Trojan horse’ offering. Well, she had to appear friendly and delight him with something before he invited Her inside. “the nearest township is about 10 mins away Miss” said the driver. Hmmm ok. Now what do I get him? She thought to herself. She didn’t want to appear too keen or too casual, even if this was the first time She was to meet him She wanted him to think She was thoughtful and kind and pleased to see him. Perhaps a small useful souvenir will do nicely.

They finally arrived and the driver stopped. It was a lovely quaint town which offered a lot and She had fun browsing making the choice hard, finally selecting a delicious compilation of subtle erotic poetry and a bookmark he’d be sure to love. Smiling, She got back in the cab and the driver sped away. “not long to go now Miss, we should be there in no time” "thankU driver" She was in a good mood, even if She was a little nervous…

It was still morning when they arrived. The sun was shining the beginning of a pleasant day it seemed and She hoped She would spot him outside instead of having to knock at his door. Yes! How much more surprising would that be She smugly thought to catch him unawares. Turning off the main road, they finally came to a stop. Her heart was beating fast as She fumbled for her purse, her eyes darting everywhere. She paid the driver and retreived her bag from the boot compartment and slowly began the few steps to his door. She prided in the fact She was dressed and groomed well, with tailored jacket and long skirt with adjustable thigh high boots that hid her surprize latex undergarments well and to top it off, a sexy black cap that when she lowered her head, would shield her eyes. It was time!

She took a deep breath and checked Herself again and knocked on the door. There was no turning back now.

He opened it and stared for a moment at the woman before him…

"Hello dear" She managed as he continued to stare, finally clicking on hearing Her accent and almost falling over himself and turning a bright shade of red in the process. He mumbled a slight hello back and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. OMG!!! What was She doing here?? “how are you dear?” She said looking at him straight in the eye relishing in his reaction. He was dumbfounded, yet his dream was unfolding before him. The woman he once loved and cherished but lost was standing before him. Was he dreaming?? He reached out and hugged Her tightly and invited Her in, little did he know what She had in store underneath Her cool exterior.

"Did you miss me dear?" She asked him as She was being led to his spacious lounge room and offered a seat and a cup of tea. "Its so very good to see you and you look fabulously sexy" he muttered and settled Her before disappearing into the kitchen, nerves apparent. He came back a few moments later with a tray of goodies for them and sat down beside Her. The closeness was both exhilarating and disturbing for Her. All those months of turbulent emotions were coming to the surface and She couldn’t hold it in much longer. The small talk felt out of place between them considering the fire they both had inside for one another at one time. Still, she kept Her composure and engaged in pleasantaries.

"Oh I have a little something for you dear I hope you like it". She got up and headed for Her bag which She placed on the side table and immediately felt his eyes on Her. She knew this and made an effort to tease him slightly by bending down turning around to watch him before reaching into Her bag and grabbing his gift.

He shifted. That brief, seductive vision of Her playing in his mind and found himself unable to sit still. “There you go dear, a little something for a lovely bedtime read“. “Oh thank you very much” he said. He was delighted even tho he was flustered by Her presence. She sat watching him open it with slightly trembling hands and thought to herself how splendid it was he found Her appealing even though he was oblivious to what was about to unleash.

The cat was about to pounce. She couldn’t hold it any longer...

"So, did you think you would never see me again?" She blurted, forcing him into silence. He looked at Her with surprize and embaressment. She welcomed the look, in fact, she wanted him right where he couldn’t talk back but just listen to the months of past agony pour out, where She would at the slightest of protest from him, shoot him down and make him think twice about what he would say. She continued. "I loved you and would have done anything to be with you, but you had different ideas, you chose a slut over Me. A slut who would gloat over her supposed victory over having you and getting rid of Me, a slut you were content with receiving sloppy seconds from, you disgust Me boy and I thought I knew you, how wrong I was. Im glad ive woken up, you are scum hunny, there I said it! You don’t know the true meaning of what it is to love someone, you threw away everything instead of listening to your heart, you are nothing but a dirty filthy cunt."

She was raging by this time and all he could do was hang his head in shame, afraid to talk back even tho he wanted to tell Her he still loved her, still was the one for him, still had Her under his skin and thought of Her constantly, and yes, She was right of course with all the rest.

She stood up and looked down upon him. "Im here dear to show you what you have missed out on and what you’ll never get to have EVER. Just a little reminder of me to instill in that head of yours and torment you when I leave". It was time for him to discover his fate, what her true intentions were and his fate lay in the secrets Her bag held.

"Stand up and remove your jeans" she demanded "pulled down just enough for me to see your filthy cock not all the way". She wanted an eye on his cock at all times as She was about to do the most vile things to him. Shocked and stunned, he complied, slowly unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down whilst She grabbed her bag of goodies and pulled out a set of metal handcuffs, handcuffing his hands behind his back and ordering him to kneel on the floor, hissing voraciously into his ear "This is to ensure you don’t get any filthy ideas dearest and trust me you wouldn’t want to". She had him right where She wanted him. It was playtime now. He was about to experience the pent up anger She was about to unleash and my, what fun She had in store.

Stepping back, She removed her skirt and jacket and delighted in his gasping reaction. Her black latex catsuit fit her like a glove and accentuated her curves well. Her generous bust thrust forward thru the holes the top half provided and her boots made her feel like She was towering over him. Ordering him up, She instructed him to lead her to his bedroom. She wanted the intimate feel of where he spends his time with her to become Her territory for now.

Entering the bedroom, She immediately was engrossed with the repungnant visuals of their secret trysts. Eyeing the bed, She envisioned the way he made her his plaything, oblivious to any pain She must be feeling, totally absorbed in his own pleasures without a care. She wanted to make him Her whore for now, to degrade & reduce his pompous male ego to a shred. She wanted him on display, flayed, and getting a taste of what Her emotions felt like, raw and exposed, vulnerable & bruised.

"On your knees boy, facing me", she sneered. She stood over him looking down at the pathetic figure before her, almost feeling sorry for him but instead sniggering at his predicament. He looked up at Her, her breasts a frame for Her menacing stare as She caught him gawking. Bending down cupping his chin in her hand, she breathed ‘disrespectful boys need to be taught advertency to ones emotions.’ "Nod if you understand this boy". He nodded slightly, head bowed and immediately felt Her harsh slap across his cheek. ‘What utter nonsense boy, I do not appreciate being made a fool of’ She jeered. Seating herself in the armchair in the corner, She motioned for him to crawl over to Her on his knees. Inching his way, with his erect cock swaying, his eyes feasted upon Her sleek black latex curves, watching Her sit seductively, bust thrust forward, a sculptured form of pure intimidation, kneeling inches away from Her crossed intimidating boots.

She looked down and derided at his plight, repulsed & delighted at his inability to control his impulsions. ‘aww look at the filthy little slut’ she hissed, pressing Her boot into his face "we have to do something about that, dont we little boycunt". She reached for Her bag of goodies and produced a flexible riding crop and a thick brutal black cock and strapped it on, slowly smirking to Herself as She waved it in his face. “Have a look at what I have for you to feast upon boy’ She said stoking it with one hand whilst grabbing his hair with the other & pushing his mouth down onto Her. She flicked it over his lips smacking him, forcing him to swallow Her thick head almost choking him.

Laying back in Her chair, She spread Her latex clad thighs, striking him with Her crop, taunting him "open up now and show me how much you desire to suck on a real cock. I want to see enthusiasm and how much my whorecunt can devour. Dont you agree I have been very generous boy?" Forced to swallow Her cock whole, She repeatedly rammed the back of his throat, while he continued to show his cocksucking prowness, stopping to humiliate him further by cockwhipping his slimey spit covered face. His weeping stiff cock was in agony.

Ordering him up and generously removing his handcuffs, She took his wet face in Her palm & kissed him softly, whispering Her huge rubber cock was eager to enter his wide horny hole and savagely splice open his tight pucker. His cock leapt with Her words. The throbbing almost pushed him past the edge. He knew he had to have control or face the wrath of this demanding beautiful tyrant.

"Over by the bed and assume position on your hands and knees boy" She ordered he turn and look at Her waving Her cock, building the intense anticipation of what he was about to endure, pulling his head back and sneering at him. "Is this how you fuck her?" "Does she moan for you?" Positioning Her thick cock against his taunt resisting sluthole She began pushing the wide lubeless cockhead inside, tearing past his tight sphincter, soaking in his yelling cursing and deep groans.

His sweet ass was Hers now, fucking it repeatedly, his whining divine, bucking hard against Her, his rock hard cock in agony and about to explode. The little slut was about to cop a mouthful of Her cum. This made him grab his cheeks and spread them wider for Her, as She thrust into him again and again. "oh look at the skanky whore. Where's that cock at cunt?.. scream it loud for me, tell me wheres that cock at?" "up my slutty cunt" he squeeled. She delighted at hearing his pathetic whining, pulling out and cumming *spitting* onto his face and into his open mouth, stuffing Her cock deep down his throat and allowing him to taste and savour the ass coated cock.

She decided to reward Her bitch with a nice ass-phyxiating smothering. All that brutal fucking had exhusted Her and She needed a cigarette. Unzipping Her latex and perching Her rounded ass on his face, She lit up, while he inhaled and got high on Her sweet aroma, smearing Her steamy butthole all over him.

Dazed and still partly in shock, he watched Her dress and pack away Her tools and calmly call a cab. Her anger was still simmering and She wasnt the slightest bit interested in hearing him complain or beg for her forgivesness. She came, She conquered and in the same manner swiftly got the hell out of there, leaving him with his mixed up thoughts, a throbbing rock hard cock and lots to clean up.

Listen in to the audio version of Her Delicious Intimidating Revenge here