Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sculptures By The Sea

Went to see Sculptures By The Sea this afternoon and what a interesting exhibit it was. Quite the subjective experience, Sculptures By The Sea is a yearly [since 1997] event on the coastal walk between Tamarama and Bondi beaches. Sculptures of the weird and wonderful and innovative clever kind adorn the walkway from talented local and international artists.

I took a leisurely stroll capturing most of the quirky exhibits commencing at Tamarama right through to Bondi. It was a splendid day out, very windy but very warm, the water was a beautiful blue, the sky had not one cloud in sight and I ended up turning a slight shade of pink.

Afterward, I sat and admired the view from Tamarama and Bronte with video and images from each view below. What a gorgeous afternoon had! Enjoy the slide show!

For more Sculptures By The Sea info and a stunning galleria click here

Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Husky a indie/folk band originally from Melbourne were into their "Tidal Wave" Oz tour after extensive UK/EU touring and the release of their debut album 'Forever So' and guess who won a double pass?

What an amazing band! Husky [Husky is also the name of the lead vocalist] takes the audience on a trip through their captivating hum-along music which arouses warmth, reminiscent of poignant memories. Husky draws you into the full experience by getting the audience to visualize scenarios that compliment them so well.

Moments to remember the spring garden and first produce, parts of ourselves that best be constrained but refuse to be and dedications to wild wonderful women, Husky captivated the crowd. It was the perfect end to the weekend.

Dark Sea, Hunter, The Woods, new song Wolf Man, a brilliant INXS cover, even more brilliant extended piano solo, had stunned the crowd. Even my companion for the evening was so impressed that he ended up purchasing 'Forever So' CD without knowing them previously. That made me smile. Thanks for yet another fabulous evening OAF!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Waiting For Her Command

the exuding acridity staining the mindscape
catching Her seering stare
silently bewildered drawing in soft breath
knowing only self sacrifice and servitude
feeding from Her with starving devotion
tumultuous, ravenous soaked to the skin
saturated by a stern rain of tears
Futile, he realizes,
he will soon have his mind and body in such compromise
tensing, holding of breath
he feels Her searching for a single trace of weakness
pulling his thoughts to Her
Her smirk slowly forming a wicked grin
closing in,
sustaining piercing eye contact
the sway of full hips against the tautness of Her latex
the bounce of Her generous breast
Her heels, so erotic
and those red stained lips, oh those lips
parting ever so lusciously,
waiting for Her command

Listen in to the audio version of Waiting For Her Command

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Peter Combe @ OAF

Thanks again to my good friends the OAF for a family pass, this time to see the king of the kids, multiple ARIA winner Peter Combe, and what an absolutely fun quirky performance it was!

As most Aussie kids, we grew up listening to his famous songs from the early 80's like Toffee Apple, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Wash Your face With Orange Juice and more. It turned out even Jeans knew of him, as he had toured schools a few years ago.

The Quirky Berzerky Tour had kicked off and it was difficult in choosing which show to attend. Peter Combe also apparently has an over 18's show [he said with raised eyebrow lol] for the fans that grew up listening to him, and he also was doing regular kids/family shows. I opted for the family matinee pass and thought it would top off a great long weekend out with the gang.

Most of his stand-out songs were sung [Newpaper Mama, Wash Your face With OJ, Tadpole, Captain Cook] with the assistance of a brilliant kids dance group, along with a couple of tracks from his most recent album, Quirky Berzerky [the Turkey from Turkey] with Toffee Apple as a stand out fave.

Following the show we went for dumplings at World Square which were yummy! First time ive had them too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 NRL Grand Final BBQ Party

The Bulldogs lost the grand final but its not surprising considering that the Storm played just about perfect football. Despite that and with a bit more luck, the dogs could have still won.

Ennis held up over the line, Ben Barba being called back for a knock on after sprinting 90 metres and Perrett dropping an intercept, are a few things that might have gone the Bulldogs way. Also Barba and Morris linked up a few times including the best moment of a scoreless second half almost repeating their Mackay try combination with Barba kicking infield for Morris, except this time Slater arrived at the last second to punch the ball away.

Earlier in the first half it was Melbourne who dominated, scoring 3 tries off the back of most of the possession and field position. The only Bulldogs points came from a Perrett try in the corner which sparked a wild scene when Slater came sliding in dangerously to stop Perrett with James Graham apparently biting Slater's ear.

Its a disappointing end to the season having come so close but im proud of the progress made. If you had told me this time last year what would happen, I would be very excited. So full credit to Hasler, the players and coaching staff for turning it around in a short timeframe and congratulations to the Storm for copying the Bulldogs strategy for winning the Premiership, this result 2 years after getting caught salary cap cheating is very similiar to the last Bulldogs title in 2004.

Nevertheless, we had a lovely NRL grand final party with snags on the barbie, great company and plenty of cheers as well as anxious moments! We had even dressed little Charlie in a cute blue and white Bulldogs bib. Im sure that inflated his little ego a wee bit and he imagined he was a real bulldog lol.

Stay hungry [without biting anyone] for 2013 boys!

Below is the gang mucking around after the game and a grand final highlights video.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monorail Treasure Hunt

What fun! I had purchased tickets to the Monorail Treasure Hunt months ago. The October long weekend seemed a perfect time to take advantage of the expiring deadline as other events had also taken up a spot on the calendar making it a full weekend. It had worked out well!

Arriving mid afternoon, I met my companion for the day at Town Hall and we decided to board at close by Victoria Gallery. I had briefly, the day previous, whilst on a quick trip to town, stopped and enquired at Victoria Gallery station as to what was involved. I was shown a map and given a glance over the instructions which seemed to be a sequence of clues/questions and was told it expired over the weekend with the answers to be filled in online and a printable pirate certificate issued.

Ok, so here we were being issued our day passes and maps and were told to go back downstairs as the first clue could be found out on the street on a map. This initially confused us, as C1 did not in anyway correspond to our surroundings and we were frantically searching for things that were obviously meant to be elsewhere. The clues were written slightly cryptically with 'tracks' either being interpreted as monorail tracks or light rail tracks.

We finally clicked and began a loop of the city and headed to Marketplace where we came to the conclusion that 'tracks' in C1 meant light rail tracks beside the entrance to the market. DING! Everything from that point clicked into place. It seemed the answers were almost leaping out in front of our eyes. DOH!

Clues 1-5 were in and around Chinatown and a few new discoveries [actually this whole adventure ended up being several new discoveries!] A clue for a brightly illustrated laneway with angel-like beings floating above, in particular, had us baffled guessing what kind of painted weather feature it had on its walls. It looked like wind or clouds to us, or possibly snowflakes? hmm [still stumped on that one lol oh well]

Clues 6-9 centred around Town Hall and things you normally miss or dont pay attention to when out and about, with one we had to pick up from inside the monorail as we passed it, so we had to be vigilant. [that particular answer we had a couple of goes at, as it just slipped us by when we were looking for something we thought would stand out according to its colour description lol]

It was now time for the exciting part me hardies and really be pirates lol Harbourside!

Clues 10-13 were spent exploring in Darling Harbour [opposite city end] and we came across some very interesting relics. Lighthouse, lifeboats, anchors and ancient pines were the themes of the afternoon. This is where we took our time and slowed things down a bit. The AFL was on the big screen and we walked into a sea of a loud red and white crowd cheering, drinking, watching the big game from the many bars facing the screen. We continued down to the Darling Quarter and grabbed some Thai and sat going over the afternoon and compared our answers. We lingered.

By this time it had turned cool and dark and we decided to go for one more loop around to try and figure out what the answer was to the clue we missed from inside the monorail. I switched on the camera as we departed and captured most of the trip around with the view from the window looking down onto busy Saturday evening Sydney.

It had been a marvellous day, a great workout of non-stop walking and it was time to say farewell. However, it seems we'll soon again be enjoying much more of Darling Harbour with generous discounts included with the monorail day pass. YAY!

Below is a slide show of pictures and a video from the monorail. ENJOY!