Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Pierces

Thanks to my buddys at the OAF I had won another double pass, this time to see the fabulous Pierces. The New York based [Alabama raised] band comprising of sisters Catherine [blonde] & Allison [brunette] were in town supporting Coldplay and were also playing a show of their own.

Not knowing them previously and not knowing what to expect, they were truly amazing. This weeks mood had been particularly melancholy and after listening to a few songs, I just knew this gig would be the perfect antidote.

Seems I have been missing out.

Their hazy seductive cacophonic guitars interlaced with their hypnotic vocal harmonies, the sisters had us mesmerized. Beautifully contrasted and complimentary, you could tell they had the audience in their grasp with their heart felt lyrics. 'I Put Your Records On' was written when Catherine was dating Albert Hammond Jr [of the Strokes] and was dedicated to anyone who has ever dated a musician [with Allison whispering "dont do it"]

An amusing light-hearted moment of the evening was when Catherine was complaining of the excess smoke effect and requested it to be turned down, which was met with Allisons playful response of "that's so un-rock n roll of you Catherine". LOL!

Interesting fact I learnt about this band is that Coldplay bassist, Guy Berryman, stepped in just as the girls were about to call it quits after 3 studio albums together, to team up and go to work on and produce their current album, You and I. As it turned out, You and I has had massive success in the UK, re-igniting their sisterly bond and preparing them for a fresh start. Well done girls!