Friday, November 8, 2013

Once Again Her Toy

At your service, could I be more credulously seduced?
Yielding and quick to bend
feeling your wrath across my cheek,
when I have displeased
oh sweet devotion!
collar snapping shut, obediently complying
and lovingly usurping the will from
carelessly corrupt, once again Her toy
repetitively establishing control
freely surrendering, taming pretentiousness
arousing ire
invincibly leaving Her mark
a slow hot ache crescendoing in my groin
The realm of punishment its penance, its nurturing, its closure
purifying catharsis

Listen to the audio version of Once Again Her Toy here

Friday, September 20, 2013


weaping willows gently sway,
in lush pastures swathed in green
my heart is called
what may I find?
with baited breath I go forth
knowing a simper a touch
will be gold

Sunday, September 8, 2013

You Are The Incessant Percussion of My Heart

you are the incessant percussion of my heart
the incense that makes me high
somewhere between pleasure and need,
sight unseen.
how might we live this reverie
with unquellable desire?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Danny Tsun @ Cat and Fiddle Hotel

Dynamic Danny does it again!

This lil pocket rocket fired up the crowd, who braved Sydneys atrocious rainy weather last night to come together and hear Danny and his band perform some awesome covers in the heart of Sydneys pub culture at Balmains Cat and Fiddle Hotel with an explosive setlist and some rather cool talented guest appearances.

And what a stellar guestlist...

We could not help recognise the familar voice and face of Robert Susz of the Dynamic Hepnotics/Mighty Reapers playing a mean harmonica alongside Danny to a few from his set. Gail Page from 'The Voice' was a super addition as back up vocalist, as was Pat Powel of Melbournes Ska Orchestra who added his deep soulful sound to the band. Sally King even stepped up and added her brand of vocal magic to a superb rendition of Stevie Wonders 'Superstition'. What a fantastic evening. Everyone was in the mood to dance and be taken on a trip back in time listening to their faves, downing a few warming nips of their fave drop.

The venue Cat and Fiddle is a cozy pub with an eclectic entertainment area tucked away boasting its own bar, seating and facilities with an ample stage area and more than enough room to shake your boootay. The main bars theme and decor includes an interesting twist of vintage meets urban with evidence of footy fever memorabilia and objets d'art hung on its walls and chalked in bright colours on blackboards... a modern day digital jukebox hangs mid-wall but even that looks vintage.

A photo opportunity with Robert Susz presented itself as we were leaving and he was happily accomodating. It took several goes to get him focused, due to distractions, but in the end we got the shot LOL! I welcomed the extra pics.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trapped Heart

words unspoken lost in time
futile games played on abandoned paths
broken by doubts and fear
needless of a trapped heart,
why do you persist?
is it craving that miniscule spark of hope
forgetting to breathe
concealing hushed tones
only to realise youre wonted

Listen in to the audio version of Trapped Heart

'Hold on My Heart' by Genesis compliments Trapped Heart soo well

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dark Domination

the flickers of light like pixies
dancing against the shadows
implements and toys hanging like respectable soldiers
Her hand lightly caresses the intimidating tools
absorbing their scent and texture
She is reminded of the tears they have brought forth
and the scars they have left behind
the tinkering of the harsh steel
and clicking of Her heels
sending jolts up his spine
in the dimly lit corner
he is standing,
left alone to prepare for Her inspection
knowing he soon will be in such compromise
and no longer in control of his being
body tensing
trying hard to impress
feeling his hands shaking
a slick of sweat coating his skin
his body a sacrifice
all of him for Her whims
he knows he cannot begin with Her disapproval
the motionless space
taking him to soaring heights of anticipation
the light catching Her black latex
as She draws nearer
the walls seem to fade away
feeling Her power radiate
Her wicked grin
Her piercing stare
Her demoralizing commands
evaluating every part of him
incoherant thoughts mumble impetuously in his head
spearing virtue and tears
standing before him
a pure vision of dark domination
cracking the rod
not making contact,
but allowing the sound to penetrate his mind,
watching him tremble
morally depraved
a desire to please so strong
it quivers through his veins
building into a warm ache rapidly
imbibing each sensation that is being carved into his skin

Listen in to the audio version of Dark Domination

Saturday, June 8, 2013

2013 vividLIVE Darling Harbour Aquatiques Water Theatre

Today was a total indulgance of the senses. Starting the day with a deep Thai massage, we then enjoyed a delish Japanese lunch followed by some retail therapy of discovering new luscious scents, a nice afternoon treat of catching The Great Gatsby in spectacular 3D, then the superb finale - a visual feast of fireworks, music and aquatique water theatre at Darling Harbour.. WHAT BLISS!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heritage Orchestra Performs Vangelis Blade Runner

After witnessing the mindblowing Kraftwerk experience, the Heritage Orchestra performing Vangelis Blade Runner the following evening to a packed out concert hall was the perfect anitdote for restorative balance.

Talk about lush soundscape.

UK's Heritage Orchestra a 30-piece orchestra formed in 2004, have collaborated with the likes of many contemporary artists from a wide range of genres. Their facebook profile quite matter-of-factly states: "We are the orchestra that rocks out arenas, messes with other peoples music, and keeps orchestral tradition in the cellar. Don't be afraid... we are the orchestra you have been looking for"

Indeed. The films eerie dystopian atmosphere was recreated brilliantly. The core neo-noir visuals of continual rain on darkened cityscapes, eerie eye blinking, owls and unicorns brought to life on a rear huge screen, blending with an 18 track continuum of hypnotic xylophones, full strings section, saxaphones, synthesizers and complimentary vocals had the audience mesmerized.

The original Vangelis score released a decade after the film, included most of the music from the film, although some were not used in the film. At the same time, other music from the film did not appear on the soundtrack. Heritage Orchestra, comprehensively, put together the ultimate compilation.

Main Titles
Unveiled Twinkling Space
Wait for Me
Rachel's Song
Blush Response
Love Theme
Mechanical Dolls
One Alone
One More Kiss, dear
Blade Runner Blues
Damask Rose
Dr. Tyrell's Death
Memories of Green
Tales of the Future
Dr. Tyrell's Owl
Blade Runner (End Titles)
Tears in Rain

Sunday, June 2, 2013


The moment I had discovered Kraftwerk were headlining the 2013 Sydney vivid LIVE festival, I was instantly transported back to a time where I had my first taste of Kraftwerk. It was the early 80's. David Bowie had taken up most of the space in my record collection and then I heard The Robots. Something went off.

Fast forward 30+ years and I had secured tickets to Kraftwerks 3D 12345678 Man Machine at the Opera House. Nothing would prepare me for the event of a lifetime. Kraftwerk in 3D was too hard to grasp. What did in '3D' mean? How can a bands presence be 'improved' on? Will it be a 3D backdrop? Reviews and videos attested to the mindblowing brilliance [although I tried to avoid them as much as possible as I didnt want too much given away] but I was about to find out how much.

Come Saturday evening, it seemed everyone in Sydney was out to see the 'lights on' vividLIVE spectacle. I had reached Town Hall at crawling pace then George Street became gridlocked. NOTHING was moving in the direction of Circular Quay. Dilemma! Panic! AAARRGGGH! How do I get to Circular Quay in less than 15 mins? The only solution seemed to be the train. If there really was a God, then He was definitely a Kraftwerk fan and was on my side that night. It proved it definitely was the way to go. I arrived just in time to grab my 3D glasses, get seated, before the lights dimmed and Kraftwerk emerged. The Man Machine had kicked off with me uttering a very loud OH WOW upon experiencing the first taste of 3D. OMFG this was unbelievable. Kraftwerk took me to another dimension, somewhere off in space, floating, soaked in their synth laden electronic masterpieces, with objects being hurdled into the crowd amongst very audible gasps and backward head motions. During Spacelab, I swear I felt the antennas tip touch my nose.

Kraftwerk performed all the Man Machine and we also revelled in the prodigious Autobahn in all its 22 mins glory, Radioactivity, Trans EE, Tour De France, Computer Love and exceptional remixes of Numbers/Computerworld/Its More Fun To Compute/Home Computer and Boing Boom Tschek/Techno Pop/Musique Non Stop. The visual element was quite spectacular. Extensive use of Bauhaus aesthetics in colours and architecture, German cars lacking drivers, trains, spacecraft, computer graphics, radiowaves, man-robots, signage and classic archived film sequences. One was left in astonishment if they really were at a music concert.

During Musique Non Stop fadeout, the Kraftwerk members one by one, walked to the far right of the stage, bowed, then disappeared down the stairs. The crowd relentless in cheering surely would prompt a spectacular encore. Sure enough, Kraftwerk were back, firing up the decks with Ralf Hutter stating they were "restarting the computers for an encore" preceding a green lit 'Kraftwerk' animated screen and an awesome mix of Expo 2000 and Planet of Visions. It seemed all eternity ended when they finally, in single file, bowed once again and disappeared to LOUD applause and a highly enthused crowd. WOW just WOW!!

Upon leaving, I decided to treat myself to an amazing 3D Kraftwerk picture book and an authentic, Klingklang Man Machine tee.

I truly was left gobsmacked! You know that jaw dropping, speechless, dumbstricken, everything frozen look you get when you are totally blown away? I was left dazed and utterly bemused at what I just witnessed. It made me think every concert ive ever been to was nothing compared to this and how it may take me a while to go to another concert again. Finally getting to write this review proved difficult and somehow, it still doesnt do the Kraftwerk experience any justice either. It felt as if my brain was left scattered somewhere behind seat A10. Do let me know if you find it. ◔◡◉

Below is The Man Machine Setlist, slideshow and playlist of 8 videos. ENJOY!

Kraftwerk Setlist Opera House, Sydney, Australia 2013, The Catalogue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Monday, May 13, 2013


scathing scornful utterances
bewildering yet impending
esteem once emanating now vanquished
with toxicity spurting forth
unappreciative reasoning
struggles not known
pointing fingers and inflated pride
slowly but surely
your world closes in

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


What a lovely end of month treat it was winning a pass to see the Portland synth-pop-punk duo Yacht. As part of Groovin The Moo festival, they had announced several sideshows including playing the OAF. In between their last visit and now, they had released their 5th studio album Shangri-La, with the Guardian dubbing it "a suitably starry-eyed riot of colourful synths, rubbery basslines and playground-pop vocals – opener Utopia’s warp-speed punk-funk."

When I arrived, support Donny Benet was almost finishing his set, singing of love, lost love, unrequited love, dedicating his songs to women in his life they were especially written for. [shes too much, Julia, you're the one]. Imagine what a disco version of Nick Cave would sound like with the same gloomy undertones and you would instantly think of Benet. It seemed as if there was a story behind each of his songs and that he had been through many of loves misfortunes but still knew how to smile at the end of it. So sweet.

When Yacht took to the stage, their fiery interactive presence just exploded. Claire Evans was dressed in a white see thru tube dress with a shorter black dress underneath, leather jacket, cap and dark painted lips. Jona [who reminded me so much of the Thompson Twins look] was dressed in slim jeans and leather. Fully connecting with their audience, they unleashed their hi-NRG synth-punk sound with a bright orange smiley face screen [then changing often] behind them adding to the vibe. It wasnt long before she peeled off the jacket and began her quirky on stage antics, wrapping herself up with the mic, robotic arm gestures, jumping off stage into the crowd invading personal space right up close, she was amazing.

More than just a pretty faced punk popster, Claire Evans as I discovered, also contributes to a fascinating science blog and has published a set of science essays.

The highlight of the evening for me was their rendition of the sultry French classic "Le Goudron" with Claire singing it every bit as sensual as the original and their newest smash hit, "Second Summer"

Thanx again OAF for another fabulous evening.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dappled Cities

Thanks once again to my good buddies OAF for tickets to see 5 piece indie-rock band Dappled Cities celebrating the spanning of a decade of their music. Dappled Cities is one of those bands I had first heard of around the time I had returned from my extended stay in Melbourne 2 years ago, armed with new Aussie bands I had discovered, and upon hearing Answer is Zero, instantly fell in love! Checking my blip fm history, I had indeed also blipped that track to all my Aussie blip buddies on Australia Day 2011!

Fast forward 2 years, Dappled Cities were playing the OAF and I was instantly reminded how great they sound and what a great opportunity it was to get out to see em perform their music in celebratory mode. I hadnt heard much past the one song I knew, so I was quite excited at discovering just how good they were. The reviews had me convinced that they were amazing.

Skipping the support bands entirely, I had arrived to a packed Wednesday evening OAF and after grabbing a cider, slowly squeezed my way through to the front, preparing for a sweet nostalgic dip back in time, ready to rock my boots off to a kick ass setlist.

AND WOW!!! Dappled Cities were bloody great! Around 2nd song into their driving set, they had announced they were playing requests taken off their facebook page that fans had submitted. How cool! Now theres a band who knows how to rock the place and the fans went crazy!!! Barely 18 collectively when they started early 2000's, when they were known as 'Dappled Cities Fly' [Dave Rennick had asked 'who remembers when we had an extra word in our name?'] they performed a well balanced mix of their songs from all 4 albums, pausing halfway through and asking, 'who remembers our first release?' The fans, slightly hesitating, had mumbled 'Be Engine' prompting Dave to mockingly say "and you call yourselves fans" LOL followed by smiles all round.


Vision Bell
Work It Out
The Night is Young at Heart
The Price
Fire Fire Fire
Be Engine
Wooden Ships
As I Lay Dying
Holy Chord
Born at The Right Time
Run With The Wind

Answer Is Zero unfortunately wasnt played as I had hoped [no I didnt know about the facebook requests till I was at the gig] but I did enjoy Dappled Cities a great deal. Thanks to the OAF for another incredible evening! I had even seen my first crowd surfer right up close. Now I feel complete.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


The harsh cold hardened steel
vice-like darkly seductive,
he is reminded of his wretchedness
and devotion to Her imperious whims
the scent of his Miztress
piercing the air
 taking in Her musk
the imminence of Her wrath
responding dutifully
torturous and bare
Her searing gaze
prying for traces of feebleness
echoes of haughty laughter
raking crimson nails over quivering flesh
he is but an object of ridicule
'how pathetic you are boy'
the tumultuous stinging of her vitiating words
abrading his mind
systematically designed
to dismantle his egotistic perch
striking the first blow,
wincing, cowering
pained expressions that satisfied Her
shameless ownership for Her amusement

Listen into the audio version of Restriction

Monday, April 22, 2013


Bows in thanks once again to the generosity of OAF for winning a pass to see the debuting performance of 'Art vs Science' vocalist Jim Finn's new solo project "Vydamo".

Arriving during the intermission, support band Pluto Jonze were in the process of setting up which included several TV's displaying static, and narration to some of their songs. Pluto captured my attention around 3rd song into their set [title unknown] with their superb eerie theremin sound! it was the first time I think I have heard the theremin played live, [think early space-y film music] although it looked as if not much playing was involved, but the way he moved his hands that controlled the pitch and intensity, INCREDIBLE! A self-depicted 'laptop popster', his sound is best described as electro pulsed, improvised electronic lines and samples. Pluto is definiately a band I could get into. Some of his setlist included:

love the world like a child
all washed up
let your love go

His latest release Eject was dedicated to all those who have ever been in love, adding: "you may be running to someone with open arms or running away with flailing arms, whichever it is, DO IT!"

By this time, the OAF was filling up rather quickly. Friday evening on the Oxford St strip & the talented muso line up had ensured it would. The curtains were drawn and it was time to go grab a cider, chilling in prep for Vydamo.

Art vs Science have been faves ever since I heard Magic Fountain, so naturally I had expected to be totally enthralled with his newly formed solo project Vydamo, making their first appearance. The catchy, boisterous piano-led "Gonna Make It" the first release off the new album, had been receiving regular play on the airwaves and great reviews. When they took to the stage opening with the raunchy electro rock infused "I like the little things in my life" you could tell his recent recouperation from a kidney transplant had influenced his lyrics [although he displayed none of the signs it had slowed him down] Keeping the crowd entertained was easy, Jim and band burst their way through a impressive setlist which included several highly charged unreleased songs, beautiful piano ballads and fun with the passing round of colourful balloons.
setlist [some of the titles may not be accurate]

I like the little things in my life
you gotta let it go
livin in the sunshine
been so long
the future is a dream
I dont think your the one
we are family
times gonna get me by
gonna make it

'I dont think your the one' was dedicated to everyone who has had to say goodbye to love, with many acknowledging they knew what its like. The best was of course yet to come with the crowd cheering loudly to the awesome finale 'Gonna Make It'. Thanks again to the OAF for yet another really brilliant evening. My only disappointment was I didnt score the pass for Midnight Juggernauts the following evening. BOO... I strongly suspect OAF might have thought I was a tad too greedy! ◔_◔ Midnight Juggernauts review

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lost in You

when I look the other way
its not that I dont see you
when I seem to ignore you
you're still on my mind
when I seem far away
I wish you were with me
when my heart aches
it reaches for you
when im alone
I long for you
when I seem distracted
im lost in you

Listen in to the audio version of Lost in You here

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sonic Animation

After the excitement of Rainbow earlier this year, it had seemed like ages since ive been out to see a band, or even out for that matter, so when I had seen OAF tweeting to win a double pass to see the returning 90's Aussie techno greats, Sonic Animation, I thought BEWWWWWWDY!

I needed a pick me up, anything really to get me back into the groove, and an end-of-week du jour OAF gig appeared ideal.

4-piece support band, Tokyo Denmark Sweden were quite the surprize. Playing opportunely alongside silent film re-runs projected against a dungeon-like brick wall, with complimentary red fluorescent lighting setting the dishevelled arty tone, they romped through their punchy setlist, pausing for band intros, a spot of humour and audible slugs of beer.

When the drapes were drawn following an extended intermission, Sonic Animation's familiar techno-licked sound pounded its way across the stage, with frontman Adrian Cartwright dressed as an overgrown street kid in baggy cropped denim pants and matching bright red tee and sneakers, jumping, hands in the air, encouraging the crowd to move closer. Most of the sparce crowd in the front were bouncing and dancing wildly, mimicing it seemed.

Between pick-up lines [were they meant to be so lame?], regaling of drunken stories undoubtedly from his ingenuous youth, furry fun creatures, to announcing the new album 'Once More From the Bottom' and their timely comeback, Sonic Amimation put on a highly charged show. The highlight of the evening was the 90's hit Theophilus Thistler complete with Robert Roley and Theophilus Thistler, the furry, mischievous, geeky graffiti artist characters, that I learnt were fans selected by the band. In addition, 2 fans in the crowd dressed up as scaled down versions of Robert and Theophilus, were invited up to prance around along with the band as well.

Whilst they arent no Josh Abrahams, nonetheless, Sonic Animation are back zealously spinning the decks. WOOOOO

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras Weekend

Happy Mardi Gras weekend everyone! It ended up being a little wet and soggy like it usually is every year for Mardi Gras [when has it not rained on the parade?], and as Brendan MacLean said: "it just means we strip down to our swimmers twice as fast" LOL!
check out these cool pictures from the event
anyways, I was mucking around with a cool gif maker and came up with this.. can you guess what im saying?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Summer Heart

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! David Alexanders glo fi project Summer Heart has had me in its grasp these past few weeks, enrapturing me, and not letting go! Below is his debut release, "Never Let Me Go" and his latest "About A Feeling" for your aural pleasure...

A beautiful shimmery summerwave connotation of love, life, sadness, summer ambience, smiles and warm fuzzys.. David takes you on a dreamy ride of lush entrancement, lifting your spirits, evoking feelings of every sentiment possible. If they could bottle the whole feeling of summer, this would definitely be it! I hope you enjoy listening to Summer Heart as much as I do.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The hunger anguishes willingly
the longing trembling
with bated breath in dim twilight
pangs of affliction
spearing thoughts of you
like tips of an arrowhead
drowning in misty rains
unintenionally captured
fragmented aching hearts
desire incapable to dispel

Listen in to the audio version of "Hunger" here

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bat For Lashes Enmore Theatre 30/01/13

INCREDIBLE, CAPTIVATING, CHARMING! Mz Khan left me utterly gobsmacked with her knockout performance at the Enmore Theatre. Its been nearly two years since the baroque-pop talent aka Bat For Lashes, graced our shores as part of Laneway Festival and here she was back, post "Haunted Man" enchanting us again!

Fresh back from Rainbow Serpent Festival and Melbourne that same Wednesday afternoon, I was excited at the promise of seeing Bat For Lashes, the perfect culmination of a great week.

Prancing onto the stage in a beautiful multicoloured rainbow silky skirt, crop top and matching cape [which was later shed], Natasha alternated between sensual gyrations, percussion banging, heathrenish romps, raunchy dance numbers, to strikingly beautiful ballads. Her goddess like charms igniting the crowd. From the top lounge area where I was seated, her eloquent vocals were incredible, full, rich and energetic, an embodiment breathing life into a meritorious setlist.

A brilliant yet down to earth presence, Natasha reminded me of a mischievous, playful, impish child with her effortless delightful flair. Her spoken narratage spirited and sweet, she often beamed, which radiated throughout the masses, the reception as warm as she projected.

Whats a Girl To Do?
Travelling Woman
Oh Yeah
All Your Gold
Horses of The Sun
Horse and I
Siren Song
A Wall
Sleep Alone
Pearls Dream
The Haunted Man

Timeless and passionate, Bat For Lashes shone. The lounge audience prompted by her request to stand at the end during the encore, had risen from their seats and joined in dancing, swaying, hands in the air to an epic favourite, Daniel. All around, people were immersed in her fervency. What a wonderful evening.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2013

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2013 was an insane eye-opener! As a Rainbow debutant, I felt this overwhelming sense of excitement that my experience was to become a mind-blowing occurrence. Preceding Rainbow, everytime I asked what it was going to be like, all I got was a "you wait and see" answer which only made me anxiously anticipate the event even more.

Arriving Friday evening, we had the near impossible task of putting up the tent in total darkness ahead of us, but managed to assemble it rather quickly and without incident to our surprize. That night was spent in a celebratory mood, drinking ciders and cherry vodkas, proudly relishing in the fact we did a great job, before deciding to go check out the entertainment. We had set up camp in the overflow area just beyond the entrance, so that meant quite a long walk. In fact, the whole weekend was made up of alot of constant walking. We estimated we must of walked an average of at least 10ks a day!

The walk to the playground was amazing! Surrounded in pitch black darkness with multicoloured oscilloscopic lights you wore as you walked, was freaky! A magical thriving hub of wonderful havoc, the music could be heard thumping from wherever you were, psytrance mixed with dance, electro swing, funk, dub, that place was certainly serving up some tasty beats.

The Market stage was host to a wide array of artists across many genres, and seen some wild eclectic costumed characters dancing to a succession of progressive techno house fused beats. This place was definitely the spot to be dancing your ass off amongst a community of fun seekers. We just wandered in, stayed and went nuts for a while dancing to some fabulous sets. Its here you usually bump into friends, as the Market draws everyone in.

The Chill stage was my personal fave. A place to chill, relax, stretched out on lounges with hay bundles and rugs, and attractive subdued lighting. The mood there was let-loose, listening to downbeats, creating the perfect ambience to groove to. We usually ended up there after grabbing a bite to eat, the night turning chilly, chilling to the lush aural delectation. My faves were Numatica, Animatronix, Auma, Algorithm, to name a few.

Talking about chilly, that was the one thing I wasnt prepared for! When someone tells you the nights are cold, you think OK maybe 1 or 2 nights so 1 jumper is sufficient, but NO! You really need to pack a separate winter wardrobe or else freeze to death, as I had discovered Friday evening. Doesnt matter that its the middle of summer. The temperatures in the open country drop dramatically at night. You feel this as soon as the sun starts setting. My teeth were clattering and I couldnt sleep trying to stay warm. I had worn my zip up jacket, had cocooned myself in a sleeping bag and socks, but it wasnt enough. By contrast, the days warmed soon after the sun came up, so much that you couldnt stand to be in the tent for very long!

In the heat of the day, the best place to be was in the hammock jungle. A colourful sea of hammocks swinging with scores of people chilling under shaded cloth canopies. It was almost a ritual. The hypnotic sounds that drifted in formed the ideal accompaniment. mmmmm You could take a book and read, nap or just rock to the rhythm.

The many workshops and speakers in the lifestyle village were interesting. An inviting, tree filled haven, the lifestyle village was a space for creative self expression, to learn new skills, be inspired and meet new people. Massage, yoga, art, discussions, soundsphere, solar cinema, workshops, healing were on offer throughout the 4 days. Expand Your Possibilities with music in particular, was fascinating. It explored the journey of creating music from the heart, how everything creative should come forth from the heart with passion, and instead of brainstorming, we should be heartstorming. The sounds emanating from soundsphere featured the worlds best sound healers with music as therapy.

A cozy chai tent we ended up at often was a buzzing little place. It boasted a tiny cabaret stage with quirky performers, serving the best chai and tea. During the day, there were mini tables with rugs and purple cushions to sit on under tiny colourful umbrellas, with soothing sounds, surrounded by other delish exotic stalls. The choices were many, and most times made the decision of what to eat difficult. We mainly stuck to refreshing, light meals with plenty of fluids to keep up hydration. On Friday evening, the chai tent entertained us with a cute cabaret and I even got an up close and personal lesson in sound management from the friendly 'sound engineer', her dials she was tweeking resembling tiny spools of cotton. The deck was no bigger than a square dinner plate, which was amazing since all the sound from the mics and instruments were plugged into it. She let me turn the dials and distort the sounds which made the band laugh at the dissonance it created. WHAT FUN!

Soon enough, we had to use the toliets which basically meant a makeshift platform divided into individual cubicles with a toliet seat and no flushing water but only a bucket of sawdust lol Surprizingly, it wasnt really that bad. Smell wise I mean. Although we did try to avoid using them as much as we could. Pissing at night behind the tent was normal it seems everyone did it! Even when out and about, one could easily find a suitable spot to release the waterworks.

On Saturday evening, the main stage was host to the Rainbow Serpent Festival Opening Ceremony which honoured the traditional custodians of the land, the 'Wathaurong Nation'. Male and female tribal descendants performed traditional indigenous dancing around sacred chants and a smoke filled stage. Part of the ceremony also included an emotional address from Adriana Buccianti, who spoke of her son Daniel, who succumbed to an overdose at last years 2012 Rainbow, reminding the crowd to look after each other and to ask if you see anyone that doesnt look right, are you OK? From that point on, Rainbow came alive even more. The mountain had turned into a spectacular display of weird and wonderful alternate patterns that changed often. I tried photographing this, but I couldnt get a decent picture. No, correction, I couldnt get ANY picture with or without flash, even if I got close. GRRR! bummed, as that was one of the main highlights.

Our encounter with altered states of awareness was, lets just say, quite the 4 dimentional experience. Colours seemed ultra enhanced, the forest came alive in minute detail, entering into a higher realm. Although just being at Rainbow was one massive 2 Diefortrip0mine :)

Come Monday, packing up and heading home a little sore, weary and lots filthy, we couldnt wait to jump into a long shower, use a decent toliet and sleep in a comfy bed. Ahhh, civilization!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SydFest Notes For Walking

The Sydney Festival Notes For Walking was a lovely day out seeped in history, prose and wonderful panoramic views exploring the old naval Middle Harbour fortifications. I had downloaded the Notes For Walking app [screen-shot above], which list four locations The Gate, Outer Fort, Inner Fort and The Cabin arranged in order, with the 'notes' and a short video.

When I arrived, the place seemed deserted. I was wondering if this was due to the fact it was mid-afternoon and everyone had arrived early, completed the walk and had gone home. Strange that it didnt alarm me. In fact, I felt a eerie sense of ease almost as if the area welcomed me and was offering her riches to explore.

Contrary to the apps instruction of having it running as you walk, I made my own way. The Outer Fort was just incredible. An old run down fortress, it echoed of time past with a maze of sandstone and grey stone block underground and semi-underground tunnels, pathways and darkened rooms. Some tunnels went deeper, but were closed to the public with heavy iron gates. Still, one can imagine the extensive labyrinth, from the many grated vent openings that allowed a fascinating peek into the hidden fortress below.

The view from the top of the fort was amazing! Directly opposite the Heads with Manly visible to your left and the many other beautiful Harbour beaches to your right, the view was expansive and breathtaking.

The walk to the Inner Fort was a twisty narrow trek through thick bushland. I switched on the video to capture the adventure, sure to encounter some wildlife. lol [do massive spider webs count?] When I reached the clearing there was a long, slightly descending path leading into a semi underground tunnel with several rooms. I was alone, I realised, a mixture of excitement and disquietness was creating a strange sense of belonging, of seeking a recount of its past experiences.

It was here I sat and wrote my own prose.. the attraction I felt to this special place:

your mystery is such a vast depth of secrets
the rich stony land tells a story
green upon greys incredibly rich explorations
where azure skys meets the sea
intriguing rugged pathways offering mere simple beauty
a sanctuary that echoes of a time past
what will you find?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sydfest Summer Sounds at the Domain

AWESOME! what a gorgeous evening it was for a outdoor concert too. The weatherman had us bracing for a repeat of Jan 8 heatwave, but it managed to stay mild all day thank goody!

So we packed a blanket and headed to the Domain for the Sydney Festival Summer Sounds, which was hosting a brilliant evening of funk, soul, gospel and jazz with the superb 'Sing the Truth' trio of Angelique Kidjo, Dianne Reeves and Lizzie Wright.

A memerizing experience for music lovers, the trio immersed the crowd in deep soul and sang a range of covers that utterly captivated. We ended up catching the last hour amongst what looked to be thousands, pausing on the walkway for a video and a few pictures, enthralled by their powerful magnetic singing.

The strawberry stand was just delicious! This stand was made out of strawberries haha.. Jeans and I just had to indulge in strawberries and ice cream, we couldnt resist.

When the show was over, this hillarious drunk guy randomly came over and serenaded us with a made-up-on-the-spot rap lol! [see video below] That topped off a really great evening.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Eve 2012


We spent a lovely New Years on the beach at Manly watching the spectacular 9pm fireworks [see video below]. Family friendly and with much less of the chaos that accompanies mass gatherings celebrating the New Year, Manly was the perfect setting.

We took up residence on the hilly grass area overlooking the beach, spread out our picnic blanket and lapped up the atmosphere. We had shade, could stretch out, go for a swim, take in the entertainment and really enjoy ourselves. Looking around, I actually felt sorry for all those squeezing into the popular viewing spots and how uncomfy they would have been. I was keeping up to date with the #NYESYD twiiter feed and it seemed most of the viewing area statuses had become "full and closed".

The light faded, and the wind picked up but it was keeping things cool and pleasant. People were still in the water coming up to 9pm and it looked as if it would have been a great place to watch it from.

With 5 mins to go, phone in hand, Jeans and I stood on the edge of the promenade ready to capture the action up close and WOW! how spectacular they were. A beautiful mix of colours and designs, they went on for over 15 mins, shooting into the sky and spilling into the sea, surpassing the Sydney based 9pm fireworks which were visible too from our position.

The crowds started dispersing soon after the fireworks ended being families with kids so we started packing up and decided to go to view the midnight fireworks from North Head [Sydney National Park]. I hadnt been there ever, but we all decided that would be an absolute awesome spot to view from.

When we arrived at the gates, we found that no vehicles were allowed in but walking through was. LOL! I dont know if any of you have ever been, but at night, the place is pitch black surrounded in bushland, so it was quite the adventure. Bandicoots live there and it seems quite a wide variety of wildlife that comes alive at night lol

We walked for at least 1 klm to get to the North Head viewing area!

By this time my battery was depleting rather quickly but I was hoping it would hang on for at least a few more pics and if I was lucky, a short video.

When we arrived at the clearing, there were people laying on blankets, music blaring from ipods, BYO drinking and the FD and police were on hand to assist if needed. With plenty of space to move around and a lovely fresh breeze coming off the expanse, it was almost time. I chose what I thought was the perfect spot to capture some awesome pictures, when with 3 mins to go, BAM!! my phone dies. AAARG!

But WOW to watch Sydney come alive for the NEW YEAR is quite the experience. They dont say its one of the worlds greatest New Years displays for nothing. The whole of the city was lit up including the buildings in spectacular fashion.

Everyone was hugging, kissing, WOO HOO-ing loudly and cracking open bottles of champers. The mood was happy and fun! The crowd were mainly young people in groups, with several couples thrown in the mix, cuddling and holding each other as they greeted the New Year.

The walk back to the car was a crack up. This group of hillarious, happy drunk girls decided to sing "Cant Take My Eyes Off You" which started everyone off lol. So much fun I missed that I could have captured, damn you iphone!

The drive home was a nighmare, as soon as we hit Mosman, it was gridlocked and that was even the back streets. Not to mention being tormented by the biggest mfking huntsman spider that proceeded to crawl all over our car. lol. The windows stayed wound up until a particular long traffic delay, I got out and whacked him to the ground which sent him crawling into the gutter. EWW! On a positive note, I was hoping the spider was a sign that 2013 will get off to a good start.

I do hope your welcome to the New Year went well. Happy 2013 everyone!