Monday, April 29, 2013

Dappled Cities

Thanks once again to my good buddies OAF for tickets to see 5 piece indie-rock band Dappled Cities celebrating the spanning of a decade of their music. Dappled Cities is one of those bands I had first heard of around the time I had returned from my extended stay in Melbourne 2 years ago, armed with new Aussie bands I had discovered, and upon hearing Answer is Zero, instantly fell in love! Checking my blip fm history, I had indeed also blipped that track to all my Aussie blip buddies on Australia Day 2011!

Fast forward 2 years, Dappled Cities were playing the OAF and I was instantly reminded how great they sound and what a great opportunity it was to get out to see em perform their music in celebratory mode. I hadnt heard much past the one song I knew, so I was quite excited at discovering just how good they were. The reviews had me convinced that they were amazing.

Skipping the support bands entirely, I had arrived to a packed Wednesday evening OAF and after grabbing a cider, slowly squeezed my way through to the front, preparing for a sweet nostalgic dip back in time, ready to rock my boots off to a kick ass setlist.

AND WOW!!! Dappled Cities were bloody great! Around 2nd song into their driving set, they had announced they were playing requests taken off their facebook page that fans had submitted. How cool! Now theres a band who knows how to rock the place and the fans went crazy!!! Barely 18 collectively when they started early 2000's, when they were known as 'Dappled Cities Fly' [Dave Rennick had asked 'who remembers when we had an extra word in our name?'] they performed a well balanced mix of their songs from all 4 albums, pausing halfway through and asking, 'who remembers our first release?' The fans, slightly hesitating, had mumbled 'Be Engine' prompting Dave to mockingly say "and you call yourselves fans" LOL followed by smiles all round.


Vision Bell
Work It Out
The Night is Young at Heart
The Price
Fire Fire Fire
Be Engine
Wooden Ships
As I Lay Dying
Holy Chord
Born at The Right Time
Run With The Wind

Answer Is Zero unfortunately wasnt played as I had hoped [no I didnt know about the facebook requests till I was at the gig] but I did enjoy Dappled Cities a great deal. Thanks to the OAF for another incredible evening! I had even seen my first crowd surfer right up close. Now I feel complete.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


The harsh cold hardened steel
vice-like darkly seductive,
he is reminded of his wretchedness
and devotion to Her imperious whims
the scent of his Miztress
piercing the air
 taking in Her musk
the imminence of Her wrath
responding dutifully
torturous and bare
Her searing gaze
prying for traces of feebleness
echoes of haughty laughter
raking crimson nails over quivering flesh
he is but an object of ridicule
'how pathetic you are boy'
the tumultuous stinging of her vitiating words
abrading his mind
systematically designed
to dismantle his egotistic perch
striking the first blow,
wincing, cowering
pained expressions that satisfied Her
shameless ownership for Her amusement

Listen into the audio version of Restriction

Monday, April 22, 2013


Bows in thanks once again to the generosity of OAF for winning a pass to see the debuting performance of 'Art vs Science' vocalist Jim Finn's new solo project "Vydamo".

Arriving during the intermission, support band Pluto Jonze were in the process of setting up which included several TV's displaying static, and narration to some of their songs. Pluto captured my attention around 3rd song into their set [title unknown] with their superb eerie theremin sound! it was the first time I think I have heard the theremin played live, [think early space-y film music] although it looked as if not much playing was involved, but the way he moved his hands that controlled the pitch and intensity, INCREDIBLE! A self-depicted 'laptop popster', his sound is best described as electro pulsed, improvised electronic lines and samples. Pluto is definiately a band I could get into. Some of his setlist included:

love the world like a child
all washed up
let your love go

His latest release Eject was dedicated to all those who have ever been in love, adding: "you may be running to someone with open arms or running away with flailing arms, whichever it is, DO IT!"

By this time, the OAF was filling up rather quickly. Friday evening on the Oxford St strip & the talented muso line up had ensured it would. The curtains were drawn and it was time to go grab a cider, chilling in prep for Vydamo.

Art vs Science have been faves ever since I heard Magic Fountain, so naturally I had expected to be totally enthralled with his newly formed solo project Vydamo, making their first appearance. The catchy, boisterous piano-led "Gonna Make It" the first release off the new album, had been receiving regular play on the airwaves and great reviews. When they took to the stage opening with the raunchy electro rock infused "I like the little things in my life" you could tell his recent recouperation from a kidney transplant had influenced his lyrics [although he displayed none of the signs it had slowed him down] Keeping the crowd entertained was easy, Jim and band burst their way through a impressive setlist which included several highly charged unreleased songs, beautiful piano ballads and fun with the passing round of colourful balloons.
setlist [some of the titles may not be accurate]

I like the little things in my life
you gotta let it go
livin in the sunshine
been so long
the future is a dream
I dont think your the one
we are family
times gonna get me by
gonna make it

'I dont think your the one' was dedicated to everyone who has had to say goodbye to love, with many acknowledging they knew what its like. The best was of course yet to come with the crowd cheering loudly to the awesome finale 'Gonna Make It'. Thanks again to the OAF for yet another really brilliant evening. My only disappointment was I didnt score the pass for Midnight Juggernauts the following evening. BOO... I strongly suspect OAF might have thought I was a tad too greedy! ◔_◔ Midnight Juggernauts review