Monday, May 13, 2013


scathing scornful utterances
bewildering yet impending
esteem once emanating now vanquished
with toxicity spurting forth
unappreciative reasoning
struggles not known
pointing fingers and inflated pride
slowly but surely
your world closes in

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


What a lovely end of month treat it was winning a pass to see the Portland synth-pop-punk duo Yacht. As part of Groovin The Moo festival, they had announced several sideshows including playing the OAF. In between their last visit and now, they had released their 5th studio album Shangri-La, with the Guardian dubbing it "a suitably starry-eyed riot of colourful synths, rubbery basslines and playground-pop vocals – opener Utopia’s warp-speed punk-funk."

When I arrived, support Donny Benet was almost finishing his set, singing of love, lost love, unrequited love, dedicating his songs to women in his life they were especially written for. [shes too much, Julia, you're the one]. Imagine what a disco version of Nick Cave would sound like with the same gloomy undertones and you would instantly think of Benet. It seemed as if there was a story behind each of his songs and that he had been through many of loves misfortunes but still knew how to smile at the end of it. So sweet.

When Yacht took to the stage, their fiery interactive presence just exploded. Claire Evans was dressed in a white see thru tube dress with a shorter black dress underneath, leather jacket, cap and dark painted lips. Jona [who reminded me so much of the Thompson Twins look] was dressed in slim jeans and leather. Fully connecting with their audience, they unleashed their hi-NRG synth-punk sound with a bright orange smiley face screen [then changing often] behind them adding to the vibe. It wasnt long before she peeled off the jacket and began her quirky on stage antics, wrapping herself up with the mic, robotic arm gestures, jumping off stage into the crowd invading personal space right up close, she was amazing.

More than just a pretty faced punk popster, Claire Evans as I discovered, also contributes to a fascinating science blog and has published a set of science essays.

The highlight of the evening for me was their rendition of the sultry French classic "Le Goudron" with Claire singing it every bit as sensual as the original and their newest smash hit, "Second Summer"

Thanx again OAF for another fabulous evening.