Friday, February 28, 2014


Was thrilled to attend the Australian Premiere of Visitors as part of Sydney Festival 2014. Canyons, a few days previous, had put me in a rapturous mood, anticipating this event a great deal.

Visitors is a documentary film written and directed by experimental documentary filmmaker Godfrey Reggio in collaboration with Phillip Glass and Jon Kane. The film itself depicting mainly emotive human faces, derelict buildings & locations and eerie scenes had quite a sombre theme to it. Sydney Symphony Orchestra performed Glass' typical minimalist full orchestral score.

Friday, February 7, 2014

100 Million Nights - Canyons & Daniel Boyd

wow what an evening! Sydney Festival 2014 had kicked off and I had secured tickets to 100 Million Nights, purchased initially just to get out and see a band after so long, or so I thought.
Canyons was one of those bands who captured my attention with catchy dance songs like 'when I see you again' and 'fire eyes' but I never had a chance to explore further. According to their website, Canyons are a multi instrumentalist duo hailing from WA who dont like to be pigeon holed as DJ/dance/electronic act but are just "2 musicians exploring a creative energy that could end up anywhere"

Indeed! 100 Million Nights was a brilliant sensory experience to how far and how diverse Canyons have come. 100 Million nights is the supernal collaboration between Canyons and artist Daniel Boyd, a beautiful blend of spacy soundscapes, jungle beats and chants against a spellbinding 3-screen video backdrop telling stories by depicting images concealed by a veil of transparent dots "a process that is both a metaphor for the effect of time and memory and an acknowledgment of what is lost in the officially sanctioned versions of history"

Best seats + exceptional showmanship made it a memorable evening! My initial expectations were delightfully exceeded I needed to hear more. Most significantly, has this score been released? I must obtain it, the collection would not be complete without it. Thank you Canyons and Sydney Opera House for a fantastic evening, the best performance so far of the year and one that would be difficult to surpass.

Below is a 100 Million Nights mix taken off Canyons soundcloud station, slide show and playlist... ENJOY!