Notes For Walking

notes for walking

note 1
in this quiet high place hidden in plain view a story is written into the landscape.. enter by the right hand road and discover the notes for walking

note 2
danger and beauty are mixed here take great care as you walk for things arent always as they seem

note 3
you wander a place that slips in and out of time slowing down time walking the spaces in between

note 4
some stories are carved so deep they cut into the landscape hwn from power and fear and written in stone

note 5
the years fly past yet everything has slowed here this is th eplace that waits waiting for something that never comes

note 6
between sea and sky and between north and south the forgotten view from the place in between

note 7
guarded under lock and key this is the way to the sound

note 8
in amongst the hidden zones if youve been waiting for something perhaps you can find it here

note 9
concealed from above and tunnelling below some things reach so far inside it is a struggle to get them out

note 10
day in and day out.. round and round always waiting.. is there something youve been waiting for? leave it here in the waiting place

note 11
the cabin at the edge of the world, offers an astonishing view, with everything before you what do you see?

note 12
shimmering in a 1000 facets, things reveal their lustre under a clear view

note 13
leaving this place, that falls in between time, your eyes fill with the blueness of the sky